Technical Facilities at Brierley Hill Civic Hall
Brierley Hill Civic

Technical facilities

Technical Information for Brierley Hill Civic

Floor Size: -  22m x 17m

Sound Equipment/Systems

Performance System


Behringer X32 mixer
(Operated from the Control Booth at the rear of the balcony)

SKY ROUTER - for remote control of Sound desk


EV Mids/Tops 2 Pairs (EKX -15P)
EV Subs 2 Pairs (EKX - 18SP)
EV (foldback) 2 Pair (XLX-12P)


All speakers are now active, I.e. built-in amplifiers

Ancillary Equipment

Behringer mixer - DX2000 (1) - Used to control Ancillary Equipment

Talkback Mic - with EQ for public address. (Currently unvailable)

Digital Snake - S16 - D/S/L - fed via Cat5 from Control Booth

Snake - 32way S/L - 3pin XLR - Fed to Control Booth

Mobile Snake 12way 10m - Can be connected to stage box - 3pin XLR

Microphones - Shure SM58 Unswitched(3)
Sennheiser K3u / MKE2 (6) ShotGun Microphones.

(Advance notice is required for radio microphones which can be hired at an additional cost).

D.I. box (4)
Assorted microphone stands

We have a variety of lengths and quantities of XLR - XLR cables. - Please Note: The venue does not have Instrument leads and converter cables/adaptors



Headset Communications

Altair - EF-200 Dual Channel Communications link. - various points throughout the venue covering all major stations inc:


Show Relay

Areac custom built system to the dressing rooms & Green Room. Includes Relay TV Monitors 


There is a paging system to various parts of the building installed, the paging positions are the box office (located in the foyer) and the control room.

Systems for the Hearing Impaired


There is a Sennheiser Infra-red system installed in the main auditorium for the hearing impaired, we have a number of neck-loop and stetoclip receivers that are available for loan by patrons. (This System is Currently under repair and not available.)

Stage Lighting

Power Supply (to stage lighting)

3Ø 160 amps per phase


2 Strand Permus 24 racks (24 @2.5Kw circuits)


There is a patching facility available for some of the circuits at Brierley Hill, the two areas that can be patched are the Advance bar and the on stage bars (LX1, LX3 & LX4), the two patch bays are located in two different locations so that cross phasing can not occur. No alteration to the patching is allowed without prior discussion.


A PC running Chamsys MagicQ is used to control the lighting system via:

48way DEMUX - House Dimming Circuits - 5pin XLR

ArtNet - ADV & LX BAR moving heads - (4x Universes) - Cat5

(Operated from the control room at the rear of the balcony)

There is a 5pin XLR cable run to D/S/R to accommodate visiting shows.

There is also a 3pin XLR connected to the ArtNet controller for use with floor mounted lighting (uplighters)

Lanterns (These are all rigged)

Harmony 15/28 20
Harmony 22/40 6
Harmony F 15 X11 - LX1 (D/S), x4 - ADV Bar
PAR 64 4 - one in each corner of the room

(PLEASE NOTE: we have a selection of gel frames but not enough to gel all fixtures at once)

Strand Follow Spots (2)
(This unit is now very noisy when in operation and realistically is unusable)

Moving Heads/ LED Fixtures

Mirror Ball with 2 Harmony Profiles - White - Centre of the room.

AC Lighting - Colorwash575xt x4 - Adv Bar

ADJ Inno Pocket Rollers x2 - LX4 (U/S)
Equinox Fusion 250 Mk2 Zoom x6 - LX4 (U/S)
Evora 500Spot x4 - LX3 (U/M/S)
LEDJ PAR 64 LED x4 - LX3 (U/M/S)

CAMEO Flat Par Uplighters RGB LED - (Available on Request)

Star Cloth 8x4m White only - Scenery Bar 12

Additional Power Supplies Available


There are three 1Ø 63amp CEE Form socket outlets available on stage, (stage right, one on each phase), in addition there is a 3Ø 63amp supply fitted with a CEE Form 63amp socket outlet, again stage right.

Note- All supplies have 30mA RCD protection.

Stage Facilities


The stage is raked; it is surfaced with a varnished wood block covering.

Proscenium opening - 9.57m x 4.8m,
Maximum stage depth - 7.11m
Stage height - 1.2m
Grid height - Downstage 10.76m, Upstage 10.59m
Wings maximum - 2m


Vivitek DU4371Z-ST HD Projector With Huge 7x4m screen.



The masking legs and borders are black. There are also a pair of black travelling tabs just downstage of the greenroom, providing a 1m walkway at the back of the stage.

The house tabs (electrically operated from stage left) and house border are wine red in colour as are the auditorium drapes.

There is a fire curtain installed and a yellow line is marked on the stage floor which must remain unobstructed at all times.(for your safety)

Flying Facilities

There is hemp flying from a gallery stage left, there are a total of 12 hemp sets in place, each has a maximum working load of 80kg each.

There are 4x LX bars with mechanical winches. 1x Up Stage 2x Mid Stage and the other Down Stage. One of the Mid Stage bars is not wired with 15A sockets, whereas the other 3 bars are, each has a maximum working load of 240kg each.

House Lighting

House lighting is controlled from the ticket office with additional controllers located in the Control Booth on the Balcony and at the Stage Managers Desk (S/L). There are pre programmed settings for the main house lights:

100%, 50%, 25% & OFF. Please Note, these have now been retrofitted with Cool White LED lamps and the dramatic effect of dimming is no longer as prevalent.