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Live Musicfest - Banger II, 24th January 2019

Date: Friday 24th January 2020
Time: 07:30pm10:30pm
Doors Open at 7pm.

The Banger is back for a second year at the Civic!

Come and see a collection of fantastic local artists giving up their time and waiving their fee for Charity. This year the Charity is The Russells Diabetes Unit.

Doors Open at 7pm with the first band expected on stage at 7.30pm.

Tickets £10 in advance or £12.50 on the door.

*Event finish time is subject to change and may be later than the stated 10.30pm.


Every year the Omma n Chain decides on a main charity (we support many others) to focus on in order to raise funds and help .

We try to focus locally and if there is something particular we are able to help with it centres all the work. This year after visits and meeting with staff and consultants at Russel Hall Hospital diabetes unit  our charity was  sealed.

They explained they have been trying to get a very sophisticated camera  that takes images of ulcers ( usually legs) of individuals with severe diabetes. The NHS would not purchase one  although several attempts had been made.

The benefits would be two fold. Firstly it would enable many images to be taken out in the community and so free up the department for other appointments. Secondly many elderly people make traumatic journeys just to have an update photo taken. This would not happen if they had the camera. The cost of the camera is approx £6,500. 

Throughout the year events have been going on all over the region ( small and large) . Also members of the team have been at the hospital buskin in the reception every month.

The Civic event organised by the members of Rumour is the culmination of our efforts and will take us to a point where we can then hand over the money (we are at present on £5,100.)

We have a fantastic bill and so may people have given up time and talent it becomes more than the money but proof of how communities can work together to help benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. I am privileged to be able to use the platform of the Omma N Chain radio show i host for Black Country Radio to be able to engage with so many selfless people.

We have made great friends with many of the staff and patients at the hospital  over the year and we will continue to build on the relationship.  I never single folk out they know how grateful I am from folks that have played to venues that have given us their space. -'Billy Spakemon'