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About us

About us

Building a vibrant community facility

Brierley Hill Civic has been host to artists, performers and theatre production since the 1960s and is in the heart of our community. In recent years, its usage had dropped while costs have remained or risen. The Hall was often closed during the day and it was not operating at its full potential as a hive for all sorts of activity.

Rejuvenating the Civic

In February 2015, Dudley Council entrusted Dudley CVS with rejuvenating Brierley Hill Civic Hall on an 18-month trial. This is part of Dudley MBC's move to become a 'community council', a council that enables and supports communities to do things for themselves rather than being a body that does things to or for people and communities.

The trial was an astounding success and during the 18-month period the Civic was transformed from an underutilised and deteriorating venue into an award nominated 5* rated entertainment centre offering a huge range of events to suit all tastes and budgets.

Dudley CVS, Dudley MBC and the local community we're all delighted with the results of the trial so the Civic then went through an asset transfer process for Dudley CVS to take over the running of the venue on a permanent basis.

The transfer process was completed in March 2020 which unfortunately coincided with the first COVID lockdown, the timing could not have been worse.

There has been a tricky 2 years to navigate since the outbreak but now that COVID appears to be behind us a process of re-building the momentum the Civic had, has started all over again.

The support of local people will be key to continuing success of the Civic.