Brierley Hill Civic Hall
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Roman Romp - An Adult Comedy, 20th June 2019

Date: Thursday 20th June 2019
Time: 08:00pm10:00pm
Doors Open at 7pm


A farcical adult comedy by K.R.S. Foster

The company that brings you the Adult Panto each year will be returning in the summer with their farcical adult comedy, ROMAN ROMP.

At the Temple of Vesta, celibacy is a way of life. However, for reluctant virgin, Frigella the Fulfiller, this means her only chance at Shagamus is to escape to the Temple of Venus next door. A fool-proof plan is needed and this must be expertly implemented to avoid a nasty punishment.

Sadly, with Frigella’s well-meaning but charmingly stupid friend, Bimbus, things will never be straightforward, especially with the High Priestess Virginia Creeper, suspicious of her every move!

Don’t miss this hilarious evening of farcical confusion and outrageous innuendo

... it may also contain mild audience participation!

Suitable for ages 16+

Tickets £16