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Date: Sunday 17th December 2023
Time: 02:00pm03:00pm
Doors Open At 1.15pm

Santa is almost ready to deliver all the presents- have you been on the good list? It’s Sunday 17th December and it’s 1 whole week before Christmas Eve.BUT, we have a problem. Someone in the audience is not on the good list. But who could it be?

Join Santa and our other fantastic characters on this interactive journey to try and get everyone onto the good list. Help Santa complete various tasks; help him sing his favourite songs and complete lots of different challenges to make sure everyone ends up on the right list.  Be warned, there maybe people trying to cause trouble and prevent us completing our mission. Expect lots of fun from the characters, singing dancing and the usual parental involvement  in the show. 


  • Santa (Leading the show) 
  • Gonks x2
  • Ginger Bread Man
  • Elf On the Shelf
  • Rudolph and Clarice (Reindeers)
  • Christmas Elf
  • And special guests 

VIP Experience

• A little story welcoming the little VIP's which includes explaining the presents they will get in their bag. 

• Meet Santa and characters

• Photographic opportunities on their own phone

• Santa certificate

• Christmas Activity booklet

• Christmas Sack

• Christmas candy stick

• Small Glass jar of Rudolph food

• Christmas Bell


*VIP £20 (Only 30 tickets available - Only Children Need VIP tickets & These must be booked via the telephone box office on 01384 573381 - Open 9am - 5pm Monday To Friday excluding Bank Holidays.)

Adults: £6

Children age 16 and under: £10

Adult + Child aged under 24months on lap - £10

Showings at 2pm & 5pm. - Running Time 60mins

The doors open for the 5pm show at 4.15pm

*VIP ticket holders and their significant adults must arrive 30mins prior to the stated doors opening time.

So if the showtime is 2pm then VIP ticket holders must arrive at 12.45pm

If the showtime is 5pm then VIP ticket holders must arrive at 3.45pm


Date: Monday 18th December 2023
Time: 06:30pm07:30pm
Doors Open At 5.45pm

**This Show Is Sold Out**

It’s the most magical time of the year for almost everyone: except the Grinch. He will do anything and everything to cause trouble and prevent Santa from being able to deliver the Christmas presents to make everyone happy. 

Join the Grinch and our other fantastic characters on this interactive journey to try and prevent the Grinch from ruining Christmas. But be warned; the Grinch is not alone. He has decided to team up with Elf on the shelf to cause even more trouble. Who knows what could happen with these 2 on the rampage!!

Come and join our festive, singing, dancing interactive show this Christmas. 



Gonks x2

Ginger Bread Man

Elf On the Shelf

An appearance from Santa at the end of the show

Adults: £6

Children age 16 and under: £10

Adult + Child aged under 24months on lap - £10

Show Running Time 60mins

Date: Tuesday 19th December 2023
Time: 06:30pm07:30pm
Doors Open At 5.45pm

**New Date Due To Popular Demand**

It’s the most magical time of the year for almost everyone: except the Grinch. He will do anything and everything to cause trouble and prevent Santa from being able to deliver the Christmas presents to make everyone happy. 

Join the Grinch and our other fantastic characters on this interactive journey to try and prevent the Grinch from ruining Christmas. But be warned; the Grinch is not alone. He has decided to team up with Elf on the shelf to cause even more trouble. Who knows what could happen with these 2 on the rampage!!

Come and join our festive, singing, dancing interactive show this Christmas. 



Gonks x2

Ginger Bread Man

Elf On the Shelf

An appearance from Santa at the end of the show

Adults: £6

Children age 16 and under: £10

Adult + Child aged under 24months on lap - £10

Show Running Time 60mins

Date: Saturday 13th January 2024
Time: 02:15pm05:00pm
Doors Open 45mins prior to show start time.

Brierley Hill Musical Theatre company are back with their 2024 Pantomime, Beauty & The Beast. 

Following on from the huge success of Cinderella, this seasoned company bring another family favourite to the Civic Hall, promising a great panto, packed full of popular songs, comedy, slapstick, energetic dance routines and special effects! Fun for all the family, be sure to book early to get the best price on tickets and availability!  

Beauty & The Beast is a dramatic pantomime full of colourful characters. Belle lives in the village of Petit Pois with her mean older sisters, Chardonnay and Lambrini. The vain and egotistical Jean‐Claude and the spoiled but good‐natured Prince Louis both have their eye on Belle. Chardonnay and Lambrini want Jean‐Claude for themselves and continually try to outdo each other, to get him to notice them. Meanwhile, the evil Countess Cruella is obsessed with Prince Louis and, in a jealous rage, she turns him into a hideous beast.   Belle’s kindness calms the Beast’s anger and he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, encouraged by Cruella, Jean‐Claude rallies a mob to storm the castle and kill the Beast.
In the final confrontation, the Beast appears mortally wounded. Jean‐Claude believes he has proved himself worthy and that Belle will love him.   Belle, however, realises she loves the Beast, and her kiss magically transforms him back into Prince Louis. 

Ticket prices held for 2024! 

Thursday all tickets £10 each

All Tickets £15*   (*excluding Thursday)

Family Of 4 Ticket £55**  (**Discount auto applied at checkout)

Contact box office for group bookings over 20

***Show End Times Approx.

**** All prices subject to booking fee.


Date: Sunday 04th February 2024
Time: 07:30pm09:20pm
Doors Open At 6.30pm

Hot on the heels of The Circus of Horrors Phantasmagoria the ‘Haunted Fairground' comes a sensational NEW SHOW - DR HAZE'S CABARET OF CURIOSITIES

This FANGtastic new show is set to blow your mind with an amazing set, stellar lights, special effects & of course Beautifully Bizarre Circus acts,a sinister story and the darkest of magic all performed to an original Rock score, 

If Quentin Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil you would be half way there.

Whether a Rock fan or theatregoer The Circus of Horrors has something for everyone.

The 2024 production is the ultimate tribute to Dr Haze the undead ringmaster and the creator of the Circus of Horrors who leaves behind a legacy of bizarre and daring entertainment.  

If ever there was a modern day Greatest Showman then surely Dr Haze would be right up amongst the front runners. In fact, London’s Time Out once quoted ‘Barnum would be proud’ when describing Dr Haze and The Circus of Horrors.

Hop on board a rock n' roller coaster ride through a Cabaret of Curiosities featuring Sword Swallowers, Hairculean aerialists hanging from their hair whilst suspended above the auditorium, Whirlwind Jugglers, Twisted Contortionists, Voodoo Acrobats, Pickled People, Hula Hooping Sideshow Showgirls and lots more! 

This almighty cast has stormed into the finals of Britain's Got Talent and is now a West End & World Wide Hit.

All killer, No Filler! It is a circus like no other and a show you simply can't afford to miss.

'The Show Must Go On' and you are in for one hell of a treat! 

Tickets -£25 - **Special BAT Deal @ £20 For Limited Time

Students and over 60's - £20 - **Special BAT Deal @ £15 For Limited Time

*This show is for adults. Ages 16 - 17 will be allowed if accompanied by an adult.

 Celebrity Quotes:

It was phenomenal, one of those shows that if you missed you would say Gosh I wish I could have seen that'. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin after seeing Damned / Circus of Horrors at London Palladium 

‘You have to go & see this if one day something will go wrong, you will be able to say I was there’  Graham Norton

'That’s what I call entertainment'  David Hasselhoff

'I loved it'  Simon Cowell

'Like Rocky Horrors on acid' Amanda Holden

 ‘Totally Unbelievable’ Scott Mills, Radio 1

 'A Brilliant marriage between Circus & Cabaret'  Judge Rinder\

Media Quotes:-

'A Must see' Download Festival.

‘The Circus of Horrors completely WOWED the audience’ The Daily Mail.

‘A Bloody Great Night Out’ The Times

‘Freaking Awesome’ The Sun

‘Bloody Good Fun - Barnum would be proud’ Time Out

‘Circus Without A Condom’ The Telegraph

‘Bloody Marvellous’ Edinburgh Festival

‘Blood Thirsty & Burlesque’ The Independent

Date: Thursday 08th February 2024
Time: 08:00pm10:00pm
Doors Open At 7pm

Celebrating 20 years on the road, the Market Theatre Company are here to corrupt another classic fairy tale beyond recognition.

Can the fearless company of just 3 actors hold it all together and pull off their very own adult version of Beauty and the Beast using a minimum of set props and costume?

Get ready for another evening of slick, fast-moving, farcical fun and bawdy sexual innuendo for adults only. 

Tickets - £18.50

*Not suitable for under 16’s.

**Show End Time Approximate.

PRESS‘ - It’s fast, furious and very funny...’–Choice Radio, Worcester
‘Quintessentially British...Like a Carry On film made by a Rugby Club!’ -The Stage Newspaper

Date: Monday 12th February 2024
Time: 11:00am12:00pm
Doors Open 45mins prior to show start.

All the fun of the circus comes to Brierley Hill Civic on Monday 12th February 2024 at 11am & 2pm when the laughter-packed stage show Cartoon Circus Live combines the comedy of pantomime with the thrill of the circus.

The one hour Half Term holiday family show features some of Britain's funniest clowns, traditional slapstick comedy, illusions, the amazing girl in the spinning bottle, magic, a huge giant dancing bear, cartoon characters, an acrobatic human slinky, puppets, prizes and surprises. There is even a performing piranha.


Call The Cartoon Circus Box Office To Book: 07906 854269

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2024
Time: 12:00pm01:00pm
Doors Open At 11.15am

Milkshake! Live is back with a brand-new show!

Join your favourite Milkshake! friends on Holiday with Dora, Pip and Posy, Blue from Blues Clues and You!, Milo, Milkshake! Monkey plus two of your Milkshake! presenters for an all-new adventure!

Pack your bags and jump aboard the Milkshake! train as we go on an all singing, all dancing holiday together! It’s a family show not to be missed!

2 Showings to choose from. 12pm and 3.30pm.

Tickets: - Adult £17.50 

Child -  £16.50  *Ages 12 and under.

Adult With Child Aged 12-24 Months Seated On Lap - £22.50

Family Of 4 Ticket  - £64

Milkshake! Live “On Holiday” is produced by Mark Thompson Productions Limited in partnership with Channel 5 Broadcasting.  Written by Miranda Larson, with creative direction and choreography by Derek Moran. 

Date: Tuesday 26th March 2024
Time: 12:00pm01:00pm
Doors Open At 11.15am

Brand New for 2024. 

Norman wants to go on an adventure to impress his friends, so when two famous animal explorers arrive in Pontypandy, he decides to follow them into the mountains. But when Norman discovers a rare red squirrel, one of the explorers decides to take the glory for themselves, leaving Norman stranded in a cave.

Now it's up to Fireman Sam to save the day and ensure everyone is safe on their camping adventure!

2 Showings to choose from. 12pm and 3.30pm.

Tickets: - Adult £17.50 

Child -  £16.50  *Ages 12 and under.

Adult With Child Aged 12-24 Months Seated On Lap - £22.50

Family Of 4 Ticket  - £64

Date: Thursday 28th March 2024
Time: 02:00pm03:00pm
Doors Open At 1.15pm

Dino, Action & Adventure are proud to announce DINOslam Live! 

Travel back to the prehistoric time to meet some of the formidable dinosaurs that ever lived. Our live shows allow children of all ages to come toe to toe with the worlds greatest dinosaurs. Ranger Bernard and his team are excited for you to meet the baby pups and embrace the terror of our walking dinosaurs. This is a perfect and magical experience for all Dinosaur enthusiast. Discover dinosaur fossils and even seen a Trex hatch live!

Warning... there will be loud music, lights and meat eating dinosaurs on the loose! 

Some of the dinosaurs that will be there...

Walking Dinosaurs

Walking Trex

Walking Pachycephalosaurus

Walking Spinosaurus

Walking Brachiosaurus

Walking Therizinosaurus 

Baby Pups






And much much more!

Adults - £7

Children - £10

Adult + Child aged 24months or under on lap - £10

*VIP Package available £20 per Child. (Only 25 available - Please Call Box Office To Book VIP Tickets)

Show Length - 60mins

*VIP Package Includes:

Early entry into the show - **VIP Ticket Holders need to arrive at 12.30pm.

  • Participate in our AMAZING Ranger Training. Learn how the ticks of the trade of being a top Dinosaur Ranger. The body language, how to stop a walking dinosaur attacking everyone and participate in our physical ranger workout. 
  • Meet Ranger Bernard & his team
  • Meet one of our walking dinosaurs and baby pups
  • Photographic opportunity with the walking dinosaur
  • Dino, Action & Adventure goodie bag and certificate per child
Date: Thursday 04th April 2024
Time: 02:00pm03:05pm
Doors Open At 1.15pm

Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for over 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. He is a favorite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he has enjoyed 14 years of sell-out success.

Louis explores the breath-taking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized. From square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people inside bubbles, the Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages. 

Most shows will also feature multi instrumentalist Jet Black Pearl accompanying Louis with bubbly music to double your pleasure.

Tickets : Adults - £14.50 - Children Ages 14 and Under £12.50

"Greatest Bubble Show on Earth." - San Francisco Chronicle

"It's a fantastic show. Louis Pearl playfully forms bubbles beyond imagination, and engages the audience with his easygoing nonverbal slapstick."

"Louis Pearl - aka The Amazing Bubble Man - truly deserves his title. Most of the show is accompanied by gasps and awes...and that's just the adults. Kids can be heard giggling with excitement."

"This show captivated its young audience and the adults loved it as well. Highly recommended." 

–British Theatre Guide.

“The show is one giant, joyous caper”

—The Wee Review

“Better Than Cirque du Soleil”  -Corbin Doughy, 11 audience member.

the eight year-old seated beside this reviewer summed it up neatly during the show, proclaiming after one nifty manoeuvre, ‘he sure is the amazing bubble man.’

—The Wee Review

Date: Thursday 25th April 2024
Time: 07:30pm10:30pm
Doors Open At 6.30pm


Worldwide sensation - the MAGIC MEN AUSTRALIA are finally coming your way!

Australia’s most anticipated men are heating up the town Magic Men’s “FEEL THE MAGIC” showcases it’s most talented men in a heart-stopping live performance. Featuring Will Parfitt, this one-of-a-kind stage show tears up the stage with hot hunks, smooth moves and lighting spectacle guaranteed to make it a night out to remember. Voted Australia’s BEST MALE DANCE GROUP, find out what makes these group of guys the talk of the town.

So, grab your girls and enjoy an epic GIRLS NIGHT OUT, and be treated like a queen and experience a night of fun, laughter and lots of eye-candy.

Tickets From £50


**Over 18s Only

Date: Thursday 09th May 2024
Time: 07:30pm09:30pm
Doors Open At 6.30pm

Join comedy stars The Grumbleweeds on this riotous journey into the world of Pantomime. Watch as chaos ensues as The Grumbleweeds and their cast of theatrical miscreants attempt to perform their pantomime, amid chaos, confusion and mistaken identity! What could possibly go wrong? 

Tickets £20

*For Ages 18+

Date: Monday 27th May 2024
Time: 02:00pm03:40pm
Doors Open At 1.15pm

This is your opportunity to surround yourself with the mystery of magic, cleverly fused with wondrous and miraculous feats of science.

Hold on to your seats as the venue is transformed into a real-life science laboratory and lots of unbelievable "how did they do that!" moments.

Experience non-stop action-packed interactive magical science experiments that will capture the imagination, a fast-moving and colourful magical science show, packed with mystery, suspense, and heaps of mess! 

Top Secret is fun and entertaining for the whole family to enjoy along with inspiring and educating every young budding magician and scientist.

Tickets: Adults - £12 - Children Aged 12 and Under £10

Date: Thursday 13th June 2024
Time: 07:30pm09:30pm
Doors Open At 6.45pm

Audiences prepare to be truly amazed by Tony Rae (The Time Traveller) in an evening unlike anything you have ever seen, the show will totally mesmerise and captivate those who are curious about having lived before and how our experience from past lives contributes to and effects our choices and decisions in this life.

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime“

The world master of regression will give a brief introduction of discovering previous lives some dating back to 3000BC.

Audience members will then be selected to time travel on a journey to their past lives, will anyone speak in a foreign language they know nothing about, or write in the styles of days gone by? The fascinating experience is one of the most astonishing events in theatre history and a night you will never forget.

Tickets £19

*Suitable For Ages 16+

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024
Time: 07:30pm09:50pm
Doors Open At 6.30pm

As seen on the BBC, brace yourself for this award winning smash hit GIRLS NIGHT OUT with Flat and the Curves, the comedy girl band that’s leaving a trail of sequins across the UK in 2024!

This powerhouse, glittery cabaret is a fierce blend of outrageous vocals, rip-roaring humour and unapologetic horniness! They’ll chat inflatable d**ks, hen-do blackouts and dance-floor finger b** subject is off limits! 

Feel empowered at this riotous show, BY fabulous women FOR fabulous women!  Enjoy a night to remember with your huns filled with laughter and audacity! Imagine Sex and the City teams up with The Spice Girls.

They've been called “the most dynamic girl group to hit the circuit” by the Sunday Express and "SIX meets Bridesmaids" by legendary drag act Danny Beard.

Expect big voices and bold statements in a night of hilarity and full-frontal vulgarity. Join in the fun celebrating women and discover why audiences “Laughed, laughed some more and even snorted out a little G&T” - Don’t waste the Gin!

Sharing their sensational talent and wit with you is KATY BAKER - the voice of Judy Garland and the attitude of Ross Kemp, ISSY WROE WRIGHT - the love child of Madonna & Aled Jones, CHARLOTTE BROOKE - the face of Bush and the moves of Jagger, and ARABELLA RODRIGO - Dita Von Tina Turner.

Tickets £29

*Over 18s Only

“My new favourite fun thing” ***** Stewart Lee, Comedian   
'Truly remarkable' ***** Broadway World             
“Hugely entertaining evening” ***** SPYINTHESTALLS          
‘Fascinating AIDA for a New generation’ ***** Christina Bianco 
‘Exhilarating’ ***** West End Wilma           
‘Most dynamic group to hit the circuit’ ***** Sunday Express



Date: Friday 04th October 2024
Time: 08:00pm10:00pm
Doors Open at 7pm.

Brace yourself for an electrifying night of unadulterated pleasure and indulge in the "Dreamboys: Stripped Back" 2024 Worldwide Tour.

Be part of our explosive, immersive, and seductive dance show as the Dreamboys take the stage. 

Allow yourself to be intoxicated by raw energy and magnetic charisma, as you become immersed in a journey that awakens your deepest fantasies. 

Prepare to be captivated for two unforgettable hours as the Dreamboys unveil their sculpted physiques with an intoxicating blend of dance, chart-topping music, and audience participation.

Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable night of enthralling entertainment designed to make your senses tingle. 

Lose yourself in a world where desires come alive, where boundaries are shattered, and inhibitions are left at the door. 

With every provocative thrust and smouldering gaze, the Dreamboys will ignite a fiery passion within that will burn long after the curtains close.

*Age 18+

Ticket Prices:

Front 5 Rows - £28

Row F Backwards - £25